15 Beautiful Web3 Landing Page Examples To Know in 2022

Web3 is all the rage (was?) these days and all those slick projects need to be marketed.

If there’s marketing involved, there are landing pages involved.

We’ve rounded up 15 super cool Web3 Landing Page Examples in 2022

Here we go..

1. The Lucky Bones

The Lucky Bones landing page is a treat ????
– We love the bright colours throughout – it gets the essence of the brand come across. Playful, Fun, Beautiful.
– The hero section starts off by introducing what The Lucky Bones is with a clear focus on making sure the character is showcased, which is the central piece of this whole Web3 project.
– We love the tiny ticker right below the Hero – reinforces more add-on messaging of what this project is about and adds to the visual delight.
– The rest of the page has sections that introduce the project pretty well. A note about what they’ve built followed by visuals of the central character in other scenarios followed by a concise note on the thesis of this project.
– They then provide a roadmap (which is essential for this audience as the pace of change is rapid & it’s good to give visitors a feel of what’s to come adding further credibility to the project is the Team section which is essential in this space. Trust is everything.
– The FAQ at the end adds a nice touch to anyone who wants more information (it acts as a way to educate & handle objections).
– A CTA at the end would’ve been good to convert though.

web3 landing page examples

2. Fuzzies

If delicious had a digital illustration, it would be Fuzzies
– The hero section starts off by an intriguing image to the left with the countdown to their NFT release date on the right
– Immediately followed by a section that’s an obviously obvious question on most visitors to this site – WHAT THE FUZZ ARE FUZZIES?
– Clever placement of the next section answers it really (if you happen to not read the text in the previous section) – beautiful, shiny NFTs – demonstrating the product
– They continue with the mission & follow it up with another set of beautiful characters. The visual appeal is the highlight of this NFT Project and the creators aren’t shy of making it front & centre – good job with that
– The next few sections are there to provide a direction for someone who’s interested. The FAQ does a good job of objection handling & of course educating the curious.
– The Founder’s profile adds a personal touch and gives more credibility to the project
– The quote re-iterates that this is not just about characters but about the community – interesting that they have to add that here but it’s better done than not – though we would’ve loved to see what it means to be part of the community

3. Web Three Consulting

Services firm in the Web3 landscape? Got us interested – it’s an upcoming space but rare to see.. So we got digging..
– The Headline of the hero section is CLEAR and we love that. The agency’s audience is extremely specific – this acts as a qualifier and calls out the relevant audience.
– The follow text with their mission is interesting – we would’ve loved a more practical approach. Adding a case study would’ve added so much more to the hero section headline
– Services is straightforward
– Partners is interesting – we would’ve loved to know a bit more about the Partners and visually would’ve toned it down as that’s not the most important part of the landing (as far as we can tell)
– Previous clients deserved more space on this page with a lot more detail
– Good to see the Team section at the end
– We love the big Get Started CTA right at the bottom

4. Robotos

Robotos is an NFT project by the well-known designer Pablo Stanley.

True to Pablo’s reputation, he’s created a fun & expressive NFT series with Robotos. And the landing page doesn’t disappoint.

We liked the bright red that captures attention with the various characters in the series placed across the Hero section. The call to action blends a bit with that purpose but we’ll give it a pass.

The second section has a cool Rarity Index and a cooler pencil-esque illustration has the background.

Followed by the FAQ section, which is common among so many Web3 Landing Pages. We’re not complaining as it’s extremely useful.

The final section has a strong, big and ‘in-your-face’ heading followed by the CTA reminding the user about the date of the NFT drop.

5. Light

6. Altered State Machine

7. Foundation

8. Bitski

9. Beuno Art

10. Imaginary Ones

11. MozVerse

12. RabbitHole

13. Sandclock

14. Sequence

15. Tableland