16 Interesting Thank You Page Examples To Know in 2022

One of the most underrated pages of all time –  The Thank You Page!

Thank you pages are usually an afterthought but think about it for a second, your prospect either just bought something from you or downloaded something for free.

It’s one of those moments where you can:

1. Consolidate your relationship with the prospect

2. Sell them something more

3. Increase their awareness level of you

4. Guide them to become part of something bigger than just the download

5. Get your prospect to spend more time getting to know their problems, solutions, your product/service and your brand.

Thank you pages, if done well, can do wonders for your engagement & overall conversions

So, we went out there and shortlisted 15 really good Thank You pages.

Each one of these Thank you pages are unique, get the job done & aim to make the most out of a Thank you page.

Let’s dive straight in.

1. Digital Marketer

What they’ve done:

When you sign up for their newsletter, you land on this Thank you page which rewards you points for sharing your referral link (to Digital Marketer) on your social platforms which can then be redeemed against pretty cool merch.

Why we like it:

This is a very interesting take on a Thank You page. Not one we see often. With the right audience, this can work really well. Digital Marketer is wanting the prospect to spread the word and get rewarded for it. This is definitely a better use of a Thank you page than most out there.

2. Hubspot

What they’ve done:

When you opt-in to download Hubspot’s Social Media Content Calendar (or most of the templates on their blog), you’re taken to this Thank you page. It’s a simple Thank you page which provides a link to your download (for an instant download, besides sending you an email) and also asks you a question with the column on the right (which offers their free, entry-level product).

Why we like it:

We love the simplicity of this Thank You page that nudges the prospect to try their free, entry-level product.
A lot of times, Thank you pages are either too cluttered with irrelevant information or do not have any nudge to try or buy. Hubspot’s Thank you page does a good job of being functionally effective without being too pushy or not pushy at all.

3. Smart Passive Income

What they’ve done:

Smart Passive Income (SPI) is a community founded and run by Patt Flynn. Once you sign up to their Community, you get this Thank You page with a welcome note and multiple sections providing download options to the subscriber.

Why we like it:

The note is a nice personal touch from Patt. And the downloads being right there on the Thank you page feels like a reward has been given for the sign up. This also saves time going to the email (which is usually the case for most downloads and more annoying when there’s a double optin. Finally someone gets it.

4. Tim Ferris

What they’ve done:

When you sign up for Tim Ferris’ newsletter, you’re shown this simple Thank you page – it’s actually a blog post with a quick note nudging (pushing?) the subscriber towards the Tim Ferris Show (his podcast)

Why we like it:

Tim Ferris was an accomplished blogger before he became big on Social Media & his podcast became the #1 business podcast on Apple Music. He knows that his best stuff today is going to be on the podcast but a lot of people are still discovering him through his blogs & sign up to his newsletter (which he also knows is valuable). So he tries to move them to his best available channel today (podcasts) as part of the Thank you page.

5. AdEspresso by Hootsuite

What they’ve done:

When you sign up for AdExpresso by Hootsuite’s lead magnet: Instagram Ad templates, you’re shown this Thank you page with a Download now option, a Twitter follow button and an offer to start a trial with their tool.

Why we like it:

An instant download is always a good option for people who like to view the lead magnet right away. The nudge for a free trial is timely as a lot of people will have their highest attention on this page after having signed up for the lead magnet, which is contextually relevant to people who are advertisers. Who else would download Instagram Ad Templates? 😉

6. Apple

What they’ve done:

The big one on this list (or any list) – Apple is a fascinating brand and it’s definitely a strong validation of Thank you pages everywhere when you see them using their Thank You page for something more than a confirmation.

They nudge the subscriber who’s just downloaded iTunes with trying Apple Music (mainly built for phones – natively for iPhones & through the play store on Android).

There’s also a section which highlights the ability to watch movies using iTunes.

Why we like it:

Apple’s Thank you page has intelligently placed sections. They know that the person downloading iTunes definitely likes music, definitely has a phone & would definitely be listening to music on the phone. So they have their Apple Music offering placed right there as the first option.

But maybe the user’s wanting to watch movies through their iTunes, so they have their second section on cue for that kind of a user.

Further, their thank you page enhances the user experience and nudges them to an offering by Apple, depending on what their use case is.

7. ConvertCart

What they’ve done:

The Thank you page by ConvertCart is simple. It provides a confirmation of the download and provides options for reading up on more resources.

Why we like it:

ConvertCart’s setting expectations right out of the gate by mentioning that the email might land in the Promotions folder (which happens far too often with new sign-ups). This is important because most people will not bother to check their Promotions tab at all.

Further, the resource links are relevant, and timely while increasing the time spent on the site. Who doesn’t want that? 😉

8. Target

What they’ve done:

When you sign up for Target’s email list, you get shown this Thank you page with a cute dog (we see you Mr Target Eye patch). There are two sections – One with social platforms to connect on and the other with ways to save when shopping from Target.

Why we like it:

We would’ve loved this if the dog was happier but we’ll take it. The ‘ways to save’ section is great as it incentivizes shoppers with offers (which almost all shoppers love) as soon as they sign up for their email list. This works great as the visitor doesn’t have to wait for this to be done through emails (Resulting in time to checkout being lower)

9. Contrarian Thinking by Codie Sanchez

What they’ve done:

When you sign up for the Contrarian Thinking newsletter, you’re shown this Thank you page. It’s quite detailed with a Welcome video from the Founder and a direct pitch to buy their Premium Community.

Why we like it:

Videos on Thank you pages are rare even though they’ve been highly recommended for a while. We like the video on this one. Further, the direct offer for the premium community also makes sense as the founder is extremely active on Twitter and has a warmer audience than most other newsletter sign-ups. Finally, the discount & the social proof at the end is a nice touch to nudge the premium community as well.

10. Amazon

What they’ve done:

You can’t have a Thank you page list complete without the BIG one. Amazon can’t be ignored because it’s Thank you page is arguably the most tested. So if they have something going on, it pays to notice.

There’s a lot to unpack so we’ll go into it in what we like

Why we like it:

The confirmation message is immediately followed by a nudge to download the Amazon app (with a New! highlighted text) – this makes sense as they want the shopper to have updates (and thereby a better buying experience) through the mobile app.

There’s one offer to the right with Amazon Music – the Try Now is a low-pressure nudge to try it out with risk reversals right below that CTA. This is an Amazon product and makes sense for them to place it here to promote it.

Finally, there’s a second offer right below with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. This is interesting as there’s a negative “you missed out” headline with an immediate offer to start earning cashback. This is a last-ditch push before the related items section to what the person has viewed.

11. LeadPages

What they’ve done:

Once you register for the Post to Profit Webinar by LeadPages, you’re redirected to this Thank you page.

Why we like it:

The countdown adds a time limit for using the resources. This is aimed at solving the problem of downloaded but unused resources. This is because a lot of users download or sign up for resources (free or paid) but don’t actually use them.

Further, the offer at the bottom of the page has a different countdown, which could get confusing. But their audience is probably warm enough to know the difference.

We like the free trial offer though. They’re offering a 25% discount and also have an option for existing customers to claim their upgrade offer (this is an upsell)

12. Neil Patel

What they’ve done:

Once you sign up for Neil Patel’s newsletter, you’re redirected to this Thank you page. It has a confirmation message, a video message from, you guessed it, Neil Patel and has three links to the Blog, his Agency (Neil Patel Digital) and Tools.

Why we like it:

We love the video message on a Thank you page and this one’s pretty good. It’s Neil himself, talking directly (quite animated at that). The links also make sense considering they’re the 3 main areas Neil wants you to go to. It’s a clever way to segment traffic as well.

13. Unbounce

What they’ve done:

When you sign up for Unbounce’s Ultimate Ecommerce Landing Page Lookbook (Lead magnet), you get this Thank you page with a simple two-section structure.

Why we like it:

Unbounce is using its Thank you page as a way to survey its prospects. It’s a clever use of space as they’d want to know their prospects a bit better and getting to know their pain points offers a good trade-off for the lead magnet.

14. Tailwind for Pinterest

What they’ve done:

Tailwind for Pinterest is an app for marketing on Pinterest, better. When you download their guide, you’re redirected to this Thank you page.

This thank you page has social sharing, social proof and a full-blown product landing page with a trial offer at the end.

Why we like it:

A weak trial offer is usually what we see on Thank you pages of most SAAS tools.

This one is different. Because it goes on to educate the prospect on what the tool is about, why they need it and what benefits they would get by getting it, this level of education is usually lacking.

Finally, Educating the prospect this way makes the Trial offer at the end more relevant and compelling!

15. AWeber

What they’ve done:

When you sign up for AWeber’s What to Write course, you’re shown this Thank you page.

Why we like it:

Firstly, the confirmation message on this page is obvious. It’s followed by an explicit whitelisting instruction to the subscriber, emails going to promotion is a common problem (even for genuine emails) and if done at this point of subscribing, ensures AWeber’s emails are delivered straight to the inbox. So it’s worth the investment to add the whitelisting instruction straight away.

We also liked it because it has another section that offers an On-Demand Webinar, which is related to the subscriber writing better (which is also the reason why they’ve signed up for the first resource to begin with).

This also tells AWeber how deep the subscriber would like to go with this (confirms their awareness levels)

16. CopyHackers

What they’ve done:

When you sign up for Copyhacker’s email subscription, you’re shown this simple Thank you page.

Why we like it:

Firstly, we like the video message from the Founder. Secondly, the resources (segmented by skill level) make a lot of sense here. This level of segmentation helps to cater to multiple types of subscribers and further helps in taking them to the most relevant part of the site to continue.