Interesting Basecamp Landing Page Teardown 2022

Basecamp Landing page teardown

Basecamp has been around for so long, you might be forgiven to think they don’t exist anymore but there’s something about them that keeps people signing up.

The quality of the product, the simplicity of using it and the clear value proposition make it hard to not try and harder to leave.

So we went straight to check out their landing page. It’s considered on of the better ones in the SAAS space.
Here’s a quick landing page teardown

The Hero section is a powerhouse
– The 3 short testimonials above the headline does a great job of starting off on a trust worthy note
– Headline Copy is straightforward – the value proposition is clear
– Before Basecamp & After Basecamp is SO good. Paints a contrasting picture and that’s what you want your prospect to be doing.
– Low pressure CTA with High Contrast & a follow up recent social proof line right below, with an arrow that directs attention to the next section – this CTA has been done REALLY well
– They’ve wasted no time in showing the product in action – you get a sneak peak of the top of the whole product shot in the Hero and that’s well positioned for increasing curiosity

– The next section after the Hero has the Product Shot in action with plenty of pointers describing the benefits.
– Extremely clever as the pain points of the user are solved not just by words but by visually seeing which part of basecamp solves what

The product shot section is followed by this section with text
– We love that hook. It caters to a common problem people have when dealing with project management tools – it’s difficult to manage them and things do become all over the place.
– The copy then starts off with a relatable Problem – Agitate piece. Important as there’s no value of the tool if the prospect isn’t reminded what problems it could solve.
– The copy then moves to Solve the problems mentioned right above it with Basecamp, of course, being the solution. Effective.
– Not too sure why the “Basecamp is different..” line exists but it’s there. Maybe for people who want to dig a bit deeper?

The next section is purely to proving expertise & giving more credibility to Basecamp. This is especially important as they’re not just talking about being good with the software but about the working remotely.

Take a look at that again. We’re so impressed with this whole social proof section.
– Starts off with a benefits language using title
– With an objection handling paragraph right below the headline – answering the age-old question: Will this work for my industry?
– Recognisable names in the testimonials and.. more importantly.. A LOT of before-after language has been highlighted. They’ve really spent time going over the more useful parts of these testimonials

This CTA section is interesting. It’s a two-part section

First – ‘Have questions? Holler’ – this part is for making sure the prospects who aren’t ready yet, don’t drop off
Second – ‘Ready to get…’ – this part is for nudging the prospects that are ready to take the next step

The button itself, like we covered in the hero section, is low pressure, high contrast with a line right below providing social proof

The footer is simple, uncomplicated and actually useful. Rare to see. Especially the regular conversational english used.

That’s it folks!

The Basecamp landing page teardown for you!

Hope you enjoyed it.

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